Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

Make Your All Days Good Smile Days with Your Gorgeous Smile

Enhancing your smile can dramatically rejuvenate your entire appearance.

What is Cosmetic dentistry?

People go for regular checkups, cleanings, or restorative treatments, but what if you have things like gaps, chips, cracks, or discolouration? In this case, Cosmetic dentistry can help you.

Cosmetic dentistry is a facet of general dentistry.

It deals with improving the appearance of the teeth, gums, and bite. With a focus on you and your unique smile, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to achieve the smile makeover that suits you best. 

Your Gorgeous Smile

New Life Begins with Confident Smile

Services Offered

  • Smile Makeover
  • Cosmetic Injectables
  • Composite Crowns & Porcelain Crowns
  • Composite Veneers & Porcelain Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening & Zoom Whitening
  • Invisalign (Clear Braces)
  • Implants
  • Inlays & Onlays
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Tooth-Coloured Fillings & Composite Fillings
General Dentistry

Smile Makeover

With cosmetic dentistry reaching a breathtaking momentum, Your Gorgeous Smile is delighted to be able to offer Smile Makeover. A Smile Makeover is a comprehensive, customized set of cosmetic dental treatments designed to transform the natural beauty of your smile and improve your dental health. Each smile makeover performed at our Melbourne office is unique.

Our cosmetic dental treatments can have a profound impact on the signs of aging and your overall appearance in general.

A smile makeover has the capacity to:

  • Increase self-esteem
  • Help jaw function
  • Improve Signs of aging
  • Boost confidence
  • Fix multiple tooth problems at once
  • Enjoy long-lasting and potentially permanent results.
Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Injectables

At Your Gorgeous Smile, our staff is specialized in a variety of cosmetic injectables and fillers procedures that will help you to give a fantastic look. They are not only used by dermatologists but are also used to help with dental and facial pain treatments, as well as for contouring your jawline. Find out if cosmetic injectables treatments are right for you by booking a consultation at our Melbourne based cosmetic dentistry clinic. Click the online scheduler or call the clinic directly.

Your Gorgeous Smile

Composite Crowns & Porcelain Crowns, Caps & Bridges

Composite Crowns & Porcelain Crowns

Do you have a tooth or several of them that needs to be repaired with a crown, however you don’t want the one made out of gold or any other metal? Do not worry. You are at the right place. Your Gorgeous Smile, Melbourne dental clinic offers composite crown & porcelain crown treatments. Both treatments are metal-free, and your teeth colour is matched before placing the crowns. As a result, you get the most natural and aesthetically pleasing dental look.

Caps & Bridges

You don’t always need dental crowns to restore your teeth. Sometimes they can be repaired with the help of dental bridges. A dental bridge is a ceramic structure, used to bridge the gap left behind by a missing tooth or several of them. A pontic (ceramic tooth) is placed between two or more porcelain crowns that serve as anchors. Then the anchor teeth are shaped to accommodate the crowns, and then a dental bridge is cemented to secure them.


Your Gorgeous Smile dentist will take a scan of your mouth and then create a ceramic tooth to insert between the two crowned teeth. Then the colour of pontic tooth and crowns is matched to the colour of your existing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry

Composite Veneers & Porcelain Veneers

Are you looking for a smile makeover or trying to fix cosmetic irregularities, veneers are often an excellent option.

Dental veneers are of two types:


  1. Porcelain:  A porcelain veneer is a thin shell that is custom-made to fit on the tooth.

Advantages of porcelain veneers:

  • Strong
  • Long-lasting
  • Give natural look
  • Less tooth glaze needs to be removed than with a crown or cap.
  • No stain easily
  1. Composite:  A composite resin veneer is made from a tooth-coloured filling material bonded to the tooth.

Advantages of composite resin veneers:

  • Less tooth enamel needs to be removed.
  • Take one visit
  • Affordable
  • Easy to fix if they get damaged

However, both procedures are made to match your teeth and improve your overall smile.

Determining which type of veneer is right for you comes down to multiple different factors. Schedule a dental veneer consultation with our Melbourne based dental clinic today. 

Dental Cleaning

Teeth Whitening & Zoom Whitening

At Your Gorgeous Smile Dentistry, we offer the best teeth whitening with zoom technology. It is a simple procedure that uses light therapy to gently whiten the teeth with little to no pain or discomfort. 

Only a little hour is needed.

Here, we cover your gums and mouth so that only your teeth are exposed and begin the whitening process by applying a special zoom whitening gel that is kept on the teeth through three to four 15-minutes sessions.


Invisalign (Clear Braces)

If you don’t like the visible braces, consider Invisalign clear braces in Melbourne. Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic system. It is a clear alternative to traditional braces. It uses clear plastic aligners to correct your tooth alignment by moving your teeth into the right place.

Smile with invisible braces, consult today!



Have you lost your teeth? Everyone hates it! Even children feel sad when their deciduous teeth (Milk teeth) break! Not only because it affects the way you look, but also because it can lead to other physical problems that may affect your health and prevent you from smiling with confidence.

It’s time to replace the missing teeth with the cosmetic dental implants procedure in Melbourne.

If left untreated can cause:

  • Bone loss
  • Jaw joint problems
  • Shifting and drifting of the teeth
  • Alteration in the bite because of shifting teeth
  • Difficulty in chewing properly
  • Additional stress on the remaining teeth

Your Gorgeous Smile experts will help you restore your missing teeth and gain your confidence back.

Dental Checkup

Inlays & Onlays

At Your Gorgeous Smile, we use Inlays and Onlays as options for restoring healthy tooth structure in cases of tooth decay or damage.

Unlike typical dental fillings, Inlays and Onlays are fabricated in our dental laboratory. Before performing the procedure to bond them onto the teeth, the tests and checks are conducted to ensure the quality.



Inlays and Onlays have certain advantages over typical filling that weakens the tooth structure. Above all, they actually strengthen the tooth, adding between 50 and 75 per cent more chewing force. 



Inlays fill the cusp tips of the tooth. Whereas Onlays usually cover the entire chewing surface including one or more tooth cusps.


Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening can be a confusing term to some since it sounds like it involves adding length to the tooth. A more accurate word is crown exposure since gum tissue is cut away to reveal more of the tooth. You may consider crown lengthening for cosmetic reasons if you want to improve a “gummy” smile. It may also be done if not enough of your crown is visible to support a filling or other restoration. To learn more, schedule a consultation at Your Gorgeous Smile Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Tooth-Coloured Fillings & Composite Fillings

The use of composite fillings as a treatment method for tooth decay is a great option. If you live in Melbourne, Australia, or the surrounding area and are looking for a natural-looking restoration, we encourage you to reach us and schedule an appointment. Our team has the expert skills and experience with placing these tooth-coloured fillings and can work to ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. We can even replace the amalgam fillings with composite ones. To learn more, call and schedule a dental examination.